Regret Me Not: Ready, Set, Go 2018

As the ball drops in Times Square and fireworks light the sky to welcome 2018, commit to a new start – an active start.  Often New Year’s Eve resolutions fizzle out before Spring, but what if the resolution is not to change your world, but to change your outlook.  Hear me out, we’ve all heard an old adage or two that goes something like this: It’s not the things that we do, but those we do not do, that we regret.  Sometimes it feels like we are rushing through this go-go-go life, but not getting anything done.  Let’s put on the breaks and thoughtfully and actively participate in 2018.  Let’s choose to DO.  Do more, regret less.  Do what you’ve dreamed, take that chance.  Stop going through the motions with these New Year – No Regrets tips:

  1. Show up. Be there when you say you will – for the school play, for dinner, for game night.  Show up for your friends and family that support and love you.  You’ll never regret being there for people you show you kindness.
  2. Do something new. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do – travel to Italy, take a cooking class, paint, start your own business?  Do it.  Believe in yourself, do the research, lay the foundation, and get a friend to come along for the ride to provide support.
  3. Sleep more. If you went through 2017 in a fog, maybe embrace more zzz’s this time around.  This healthy commitment won’t force you to count calories, but will help you be more present and eager to DO MORE!
  4. Be a grownup. Stop feeling like you aren’t living up to expectations and check off your Adult List: Set up your Last Will and Testament with a knowledgeable attorney, shop for a better insurance rate, take the car in for maintenance, and reevaluate your retirement savings.  Get this mundane stuff off your plate so that you can realize other projects.
  5. Put down the phone and look around.  Don’t face 2018 in isolation.  Instead, start a conversation with a co-worker, a stranger, or a parent.  You won’t regret the start of a friendship, learning something new, or strengthening a relationship.
  6. Open your mind. Participate in learning and growing this year.  Read, meditate, do yoga, whatever makes you feel less stress, more alive, and ready to take on your 2018 Projects.  Declutter your mind (which may inspire you to declutter your closet! – FYI) and fill in the dead space with knowledge that will inspire you to stop regretting and start doing!

What will be on your 2018 No Regrets List?  Don’t let the ball drop on accomplishing goals this year.  Instead, embrace a You-Can-Do-It mindset to replace the Someday outlook.  Don’t strive for perfection, just step right up and participate in your life and legacy.  You won’t regret it!  Happy New Year!

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