In today’s speedy 5G-network world, we often find ourselves connecting with others through a screen.  Sometimes our interactions via text, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feel like lost connections.  We so often end up looking at other people’s lives online, rather than being a part of their lives.  Well, today let’s take back our connections.  This Valentine’s Day, why not make some heart-connections and show a little love to yourself (yes, you too!) and the people you care about:

  1. Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day – take a spa-day, a shopping-day, a guy-day, whatever kind of me-day you need to feel rested, centered and ready to be there for yourself and your loved ones.
  2. Have an extra 10 minutes in your day? Skip the text, call friends or family and get some talk-time in.
  3. De-connect with the couch and love your heart – take a walk to shake off a binge-athon of your favorite show and connect with nature to get your heart in tip-top shape.
  4. Show some love by hugging a best friend, Fido, or that special someone.
  5. Spread some kindness today and say Thank you when deserved.
  6. Create heart-warming memories – plan a potluck dinner with all those you love to gather around the table for love and laughter or plan a group vacation that you’ll never forget!
  7. What better way to say I love you than getting your planning in place! Of course, we couldn’t resist, but wouldn’t planning be the perfect Valentine when it gives your spouse, kids, and other loved ones peace of mind knowing that your health care and financial Powers of Attorney are in place, your Will or Trust is finalized, or your business documents are in order.

While children pass out candy hearts, the grownup Valentine possibilities can be much more rewarding.  Make contact with your own heart or another’s during this season of love, friendship, kindness, AND meaningful connections.  Let’s keep it going all year long and play Cupid with a few of the ideas above.  How will you connect today?  Wishing you a love-ly day and a heart full of joy!

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