The days are getting shorter, and sometimes our resolve tends to decrease this time of year.  January 2017’s resolutions are a little stale, and most didn’t last through March.  We know that New Year’s Eve 2018 is approaching, and maybe we’ll get it into gear soon.  But why wait till New Year’s to get excited about being your Best You?  Let’s get excited right now and cram as much new as we can into this month and beyond.  New hobbies, new looks, new traditions, new places.  Let’s go!

What can new mean to you?  A new start, new change, a new chance, a renewed commitment to have a plan to live with intention and fun.  Now.  Not next week or in a few months.  Try these New You Planning Tips and add your own:

  • New Knowledge: Tap into your inquisitive nature through reading more, listening more, maybe plan a trip to a place you’ve never been to explore other cultures, views and (my favorite!) new foods.
  • New Health: Commit to moving a little more, stretching, meditating, whatever makes you feel better inside. Try not to overindulge in the holiday comfort foods and desserts; savor each bite – just don’t have too many bites ?.
  • New Attitude: Try a fresh, positive perspective even when holiday stresses seem overwhelming. Focus on the good around you, those you love and who love you, and know that you can control your own state of mind at work and home.  Just smile, breath and enjoy!
  • New Traditions: Come up with some memory-making moments that you and your loved ones will look forward to: new dishes to savor, new pajama party the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, new Black Friday shopping sprees, new “Craft Wars” competitions between family members – all in good fun of course!
  • New Thankfulness: Tis the season, but sometimes we need a little reminder. Remember who and what is important, and thank your lucky stars for the small wonders that are around us every day.
  • New Goals: Put an actual New You plan in place by committing to doing your Estate Planning, Business Planning or Elder Law Planning for yourself or someone you care about. Legacy Law Firm, P.C. is committed to helping families get their affairs in order, and we would be honored to walk you through the process and help you check this to-do off your list!

Let’s get motivated to sprint into the New Year with new expectations that will truly renew your Spirit beyond 2018.  What will you do New today?  Whatever you do, do it with love and kindness.

If you are interested in learning how we can assist you and your loved ones with estate planning, business planning or elder law, please contact Legacy Law Firm, P.C. at (605) 275-5665 to schedule a free consultation today.

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