What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.  What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more! – Dr. Seuss

As many of us rush and rush to be ready for Christmas festivities – shopping for last-minute gifts, loading up the grocery store cart, finding the perfect Christmas clothing ensembles, kids sports events, getting dinner on the table,

wrapping presents, getting the light display in order…  Sometimes we need to take a note from Mr. Grinch’s realization that there is a little bit more.  While it may seem that our world right now revolves around things, running from store to store, and just plain running, we need to find the More.

Here are a few ideas for making this time of the year have more meaning: family gatherings, lots of yummy food, quiet moments drinking hot chocolate in themed pajamas, baking grandma’s favorite cookie recipe, building a snowman in the yard (hopefully there will be enough snow!), watching Christmas movie marathons, singing carols, reliving childhood traditions, giving to those in need, finding togetherness at your place of worship, and more.  Embrace what brings you joy and provides the realization that there is something bigger about this time of year.

Take some time to enjoy the moments that aren’t hectic to reveal the true meaning of Christmas.  Find your bigger meaning in the holiday season, and make it simple: Embrace the love that is abundant right now.  Be kind.  Give more than you get.  Love those you hold dear.  Find joy in the little things.

May your holiday celebrations be filled with every happiness, and may they fill your heart with peace and joy – and grow a few sizes even!  Just like the Grinch.  Our very best wishes to you for a safe and joyful holiday season!

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