Kindness & Grace Challenge

What gets you excited about living?  Getting your affairs in order?  Wills in place, Trusts signed, beneficiaries designated.  These might not be too exciting, but they are important and necessary, and if we haven’t taken the time to do it, NOW is the time.  But then what?  Here at the Legacy Blog, we want to share, not just about the business of preparing for death, but the business of living – of being truly alive and participating each day.

Why don’t we commit to challenging ourselves to be better and do better?  It sounds a little daunting, so we say we’ll get to it later.  Little things we do can make a big impact on others and on our hearts right now.  By reaching out to others, you get the immediate benefits of doing the right thing and knowing you made someone’s day.  From a sincere smile and a friendly “Hello,” that might be the only connection someone has that day, to carrying groceries out of the store, you can be present in your life and in others’ lives.  There is a wide array of actions we can take to make the world bright for someone else, and in turn, ourselves.

Often we are looking for the easy way, the quick option.  We spend our lives in the proverbial drive-thru lane looking for a quick fix.  But, what if the drive-thru lane was the perfect spot to pay-it-forward?  Have you ever been in line at the Starbucks drive-through only to be told that the car ahead paid for your drink? – it makes you feel taken care of.  We all know Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back; get in the car and let’s make it happen!  It’s the little things that can make a difference.  You don’t have to buy someone a pony to share a spark; a cup of coffee will often do!

Challenge yourself to do one good deed for someone else per week, if not every day.  We have a feeling that one small act will spark a wave of joy that you will want to continue.  Try one of these actions of kindness and grace:

  1. If you see your neighbor’s newspaper at the end of the walk, drop it off right at their front door.Door to new world. Colourful, bright, great quality.
  2. Let cars merge on the highway; less road rage is better for everyone!
  3. Volunteer for Meals-on-Wheels.
  4. Surprise a neighbor by raking their leaves (once they start to fall – it’s coming people!).
  5. Take a puppy for a walk – call a friend or volunteer at a shelter.
  6. When you get great service at a restaurant, add an extra 5% to the tip.
  7. Call your mother!
  8. Be a mentor and a friend to a child through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sioux Empire program (
  9. Offer to babysit your best friends’ kids or grandkids so that Mom and Dad can enjoy a date night.
  10. List your favorite charity in your Will to make an impact.
  11. Give a compliment to a complete stranger.
  12. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself along the way – No more self-deprecation and negative self-talk, build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down!

Participate with us in the Kindness & Grace Challenge!  How is the Challenge going?  Do you have more grace and kindness ideas?  Share with our blog followers and on the Legacy Law Firm Facebook Page!  Together we can shine some light in a world that is so often gray.  By living our fullest life and purposefully making choices that bring peace-of-mind, fulfillment and happiness, then we are truly living and sharing.

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