Life and legacy are not cookie cutter.  Your life – even your estate plan – shouldn’t be either.  We get it – your Plan should reflect you, your family and what’s important to you.  Perhaps that doesn’t look like the “traditional plan.”  And that is perfect – you should have a plan tailored to your unique life, family, values and concerns.  The traditional family situation of the 1950s, complete with white picket fence, isn’t necessarily you.  What box do you fit into?  Are you a DINK?  A “dual income, no kids.”  That is a new type that financial planners use to define people.  Does that sound like you?  Whatever your family situation, you still need to plan wisely to protect yourself, your family, your assets, your legacy.

What categories do you fit into?  Married/Single.  Children/No Children.  Young/Mid-life/Senior.  Bank Account: > or <.  Legacy Law Firm understands that you are more than the boxes you can check on a sterile form.  What are you passionate about?  What dreams do you have?  Are you an Entrepreneur?  Do you care about charitable giving?  Who do you love?  The answers to these questions (and more) will define your plan.

Why should you worry about planning at this stage, whatever that might be?  No matter your age, you want to protect your loved ones, your assets and pass on the values and traditions that make you tick.

Whatever stage you are at, whatever your goals, and however you define family, the Legacy Team would love to hear your story, get to know your family, and create a plan that is just right for those you love, for your dreams and the future.  It’s what we do, and we love to think outside of the boxes to give you the plan of your dreams!  DINK or not (and white picket fence or not), you need a plan that will reflect your legacy for now and for tomorrow.

If you are interested in learning how we can assist you and your family with a unique plan in the areas of estate planning, business planning and elder law, please contact Legacy Law Firm, P.C. at (605) 275-5665 to schedule a free consultation today.

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