What We Can Learn from Jane Fonda

“I refuse to be irrelevant.”  These words are said by Jane Fonda’s character in Netflix’s Grace and Frankie (Season 1, Episode 3).  This statement comes after a store clerk ignores Fonda and Lily Tomlin to instead wait on a young blonde in a strapless top.  Society tends to celebrate and focus on wrinkle-free youth, but… Read More »

May is National Elder Law Month!

As we age, we often look forward to the “Next Chapter” of our lives, but the blessings of the senior years also bring financial, medical, social and emotional changes that require planning known as elder law.  Because everyone is unique, this type of specialized planning is very person-centered and based on individual needs and situations. … Read More »

Support Small Business Today

How will you be celebrating and supporting the last days of National Small Business Week 2017?  There’s just a few more days to shop, indulge, order, pay a visit, explore, or make an appointment.  We are in the last stretch of National Small Business Week which ends Saturday, May 6.  Here are a few ideas… Read More »

Thank a Small Business Owner for their Commitment

A small business may start as a glimmer in a dream or an “aha!” moment over many, many cups of coffee, but to actually take shape, any business owner knows it takes commitment, planning, and sweat.  Long before he was a household name, Steve Jobs explained what it takes to make it in business: “I’m… Read More »

Small Business, Big Hustle

As a child, perhaps you looked up into the night’s sky and made a wish on a star.  Being a small business owner is a different kind of dream.  It’s a dream involving eating, sleeping and breathing a service, product and/or idea that you are passionate about.  Small business owners know that they must hustle,… Read More »

Celebrate National Small Business Week!

This week we celebrate small business owners and honor their drive and spirit during National Small Business Week.  The traditional “Main Street” is everywhere these days, running throughout our communities.  The Ma & Pop storefronts of yesterday now run the gamut from grocers offering organic, gluten free products to fashionable boutiques (specializing in brides to… Read More »