The Surprise Gift of Giving Thanks

The Surprise Gift of Giving Thanks Make sure you don’t miss this Thanksgiving.  This time of year, the holiday spirit can seem to be set on fast forward.  There’s so much to do, things to buy, places to be, dishes to make, living rooms to clean.  We are in Go mode.  The stores are already… Read More »

Your American Legacy

“Americanism is a question of principle, of purpose, of idealism, of character.” – Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt defined “Americanism” as something at the core of our identity.  As we celebrate Veterans Day today, Americanism reminds us that the American spirit is, ultimately, one of grit and perseverance.  That desire to forge our own path should… Read More »

Kindness & Grace Challenge

Kindness & Grace Challenge What gets you excited about living?  Getting your affairs in order?  Wills in place, Trusts signed, beneficiaries designated.  These might not be too exciting, but they are important and necessary, and if we haven’t taken the time to do it, NOW is the time.  But then what?  Here at the Legacy… Read More »

Don’t Play Games with Your Legacy

Don’t Play Games with Your Legacy:  How to Keep It Strong – Now and Forever While we’ve previously discussed fun, Do-It-Yourself ways to preserve and pass on your legacy, there are some techniques that are best left to professionals.  We’ve all heard about DIY legal services available online.  Remember, however, your legacy is not a… Read More »

Food for Thought: Recipes to Feed your Soul

Ok, we talk a lot about legacy on this blog.  So what in the world does food have to do with legacy?  Well, part of legacy is living a rich life on a daily basis – a life rich in textures, ambitions, experiences, and, of course, tastes.  We each have to come up with a… Read More »