Don’t Let Pirates Plunder Your Legacy

What do you treasure and truly care about?  Often there’s a common list: faith, family, friends, business, assets, health, safety.  We all want to protect the things we treasure, but sometimes we don’t know what that means or how to do it.  Maybe you’ve heard that legal planning can offer options to protect many things… Read More »

The Costs of Dementia: For the Patient and the Family

A recent report from the Alzheimer’s Association states that one in nine Americans age 65 or older currently have Alzheimer’s. With the baby boomer generation aging and people living longer, that number may nearly triple by 2050. Alzheimer’s, of course, is just one cause of dementia—mini-strokes (TIAs) are also to blame—so the number of those… Read More »

Thank a Farmer Today – National Ag Day!

Happy National Ag Day!  Thank you to all those involved in the business of agriculture which drives the economy and feeds America.  Hosted by the Agriculture Council of America, this day is dedicated to raising the public’s awareness about the role agriculture plays in our world every day.  Check out more about this year’s theme,… Read More »

Be My Valentine: Love, Legacy, & Heart-Felt Planning

Be My Valentine: Love, Legacy, & Heart-Felt Planning Love is enduring and all-encompassing, so let’s make it last.  On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate love and being in love.  How do you celebrate your love?  Maybe you say “I love you” with a greeting card, chocolates, roses or a special dinner out of the house.  These… Read More »

New Year = New Opportunity to Be Even Better

Another New Year is here.  Another round of New Year resolutions.  Yes, we are all going to pledge to get into supermodel-like-shape yet again.  I for one tend to make this resolution every year, and then manage to fall off the wagon by day nine.  Luckily, there is no reason to do a complete makeover… Read More »

Year in Review

As 2016 draws to a close, Legacy Law Firm is taking a moment before the next act begins to look back at the most memorable moments and memories that we are so very proud of and that brought joy to our hearts. Legacy Law Firm, P.C. opens its doors for business. June 20, 2016, we… Read More »

Priceless is the New Perfect

Sometimes the “most wonderful time of the year” becomes not so great when our need for perfection leaves us in overdrive, overwhelmed and overfed, yet undernourished where it counts.  This is the time of year to redefine perfect.  As long as love and laughter are involved, this season can be priceless.  Remember, you should actually… Read More »

What Is Elder Law?

Despite its name, elder law is not merely focused on “elders,” those gray-hair sporting wise men and women amongst us with years of experience under their belt.  Rather, elder law encompasses a broad field of law that ranges from long-term care planning to protecting the family home and all that you have worked so hard… Read More »