I am the firm’s Signing Paralegal. I meet with clients to explain and execute their plans as well as I assist in the probate process. As an estate planning paralegal for the past 9 years, I enjoy the client interaction and collaborative team environment.

I graduated from South Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Home Economics and Fashion Merchandising with Honors. I also graduated from National American University with my Associate Degree in Applied Science in Paralegal Studies with Distinction. My husband and I have two grown sons and we live on an acreage right outside of Sioux Falls.

Unique facts: 

  • Who do I admire most? I admire my best friends parents because they treated me like a 2nd daughter and they are amazing parents.
  • Little known fact about me? I was a “Dakota Deb” my freshmen year at SDSU.
  • When I am not spending time with my Legacy Family, I enjoy spending time with my guys, reading, baking and traveling.
  • While my boys were in school, I very much enjoyed volunteering my time in and out of the classroom.
  • We have several other family members that live outside which include some barn cats, chickens, occasional sheep, cows and pigs.
  • Quirky habits? Nothing I’m willing to share!
  • Some of my favorites are:
    • Food – Salmon
    • Movie – The Family Men
    • Book – The MacGregors series, by Nora Roberts
    • Song – Don’t Let The Sun go Down, by Elton John and George Michael
    • Place – Sitting on the deck with family and friends (and a glass of wine)