As the Director of Mission, my purpose is to advance our mission of helping families and businesses build and leave a legacy that meaningfully impacts others for generations to come. During our pre-consultations, I have the privilege of being the first to meet with clients where my goal is to develop and foster strong relationships, and to let them know how much we care and how we can help. When I am not meeting with clients, I am planning and implementing client and community engagement and outreach.  I enjoy working closely with our clients and I find my role as part of a collaborative team that focuses on helping families and individuals very rewarding.

I am from Iceland and very proud of my Viking heritage.  I have lived on three continents: Europe, Africa and North America. I am multilingual and I love sharing my international flair. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Minnesota State University Moorhead. I volunteer my time as an informative speaker and a Webmaster for the Icelandic Communities Association. My husband, Tom, and I are blessed with two wonderful children, August, and Iris, and a Siberian Husky that keep us very active. Other than spending time with my family, I enjoy photography, traveling, nature, various cuisine, learning about people and cultures, and spending time with our close circle of family and friends.